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SUPHR's Visual Identity and Website Redesign

Since the Substance Use Prevention and Harm Reduction (SUPHR) division was created in 2019, its website's only purpose was to serve as a place for academics to find data and reports about Philadelphia's drug usage. Over the past 4 years, SUPHR has grown enormously and it was evident that the division needed its own visual identity and a website redesign. 

As the only in-house graphic designer in Philadelphia's Public Health Department (PDPH), it was solely my responsibility to create SUPHR's logo, imagery, typography, colors, and creative design that would be used in the updated website and implemented in future materials.


SUPHR's new website now encompasses information about all 9 teams that make up the division and includes up-to-date information on Philly's quickly changing drug supply, resources, and ways for citizens to get involved. Since its launch, the website averages 5k unique visitors every month.

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